Source: Shabelle Media Network
Al-Shabaab fighters in militant-held Afgoye town, Lower Shabelle region of Somalia have on Tuesday arrested at least 10 innocent local women after accusing them of unknown charges, witnesses said.

"Militants who covered their heads to hide their identities deployed in the town and arrested 10 women arbitrarily, these women have been commencing dried lemon from Somalia to the Gulf of Arab nations and they were arrested as on their way to Awdhegle town from Afgoye," a resident told Shabelle Media on condition of anonymity.

Locals said that Amino Mohemd, a well-known business woman was among the detained ones by the militants in Afgoye town which is just 30 Km away south of Somali capital Mogadishu.

Al-shabaab has not yet said any word on the arrests, but residents say they are extremely worried about the incident and whereabouts of these kidnapped women.

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