Source: AngolaPress
According to a note from the governor's office that reached Angop on Friday, the creation of the commission is intended to implement the national policy for the promotion of gender equality, defence and guarantee women and the family's rights.

Disseminating moral and civic values, through education, training and information on human rights, equality and mutual respect, through public awareness campaigns targeting the society in general also include goals for the creation of the executive commission.

According to the document, the executive plan on domestic violence adopted by the Presidential Resolution No. 26/13 of May 8, defines the general lines, the objectives, actions and priorities on how to protect the victims of domestic violence, execute the actions set out in the decree.

The commission will be coordinated by the deputy governor for political and social affairs, Eliseu Epalanga and integrates the director of Family and Women Promotion, Maria Idalina Carlos, as deputy coordinator.

The commission also integrates the directors of the Ministry of Interior, Justice and Human Rights, Health, Education, Science and Technology, Culture, Youth and Sports and Social Reintegration.

The commission is tasked to create the conditions for the materialisation of the Executive plan to combat domestic violence, engaging associations and non-governmental organizations to raise awareness among the population.

In performing its duties, the commission shall strictly observe the Presidential Decree Nº26/13, of 8 May.

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